Friday, March 20, 2015

Summer bird on wintry equinox

A strange juxtaposition of seeing summer birds sitting in the snow as the storm raged.

After work, I walked along the west snow fence ( yes that's ironically what its called)  surrounding the Ballfields at west end Long Meadow and I saw a flock of birds sitting in field 1' s left field. Thinking Mourning doves that usually sit there, to my surprise when i pulled out my small binoculars out of my backpack and seeing 16 KILLDEER  sitting closely in the snow. Scanning farther to the left in Field 2 right field,  ten more KILLDEER did the same sitting motionless trying not battle the elements. A total of 26 KILLDEER in Prospect is very notable, maybe a record.

After 5 minutes though, the first flock i watched took off leaving behind ten birds to fend for themselves. Snow & Killdeer mixed up in strange setting indeed.

Meanwhile,not unexpected are the ten RINGNECKED DUCKS and 5 COMMON MERGANSER in Prospect Lake. These winter citizens are fit for snowy weather.


A check of Cornell ebird recs reveal this checklist showing the high# for Killdeer [ well,I came close]

Prospect Park, Kings County, New York, US Map )
Date and Effort
Wed Apr 02, 1997
Party Size:
NYC Bird Report Data
2 species total
Tree Swallow