Friday, March 27, 2015

Terrifc Prospect Lake, spring migration signs, tardy Redpoll

Prospect Lake was terrific this morning with a milestone ten species duck for the day, and with that some spring signs with the tardy REDPOLL long thought gone after a absence, reappearing.

The highlight of the lake was 12 COMMON MERGANSERS that flew all around the lake before descending to join the regular 3 remaining birds hanging out at Three Sisters Islands. A gorgeous view of the whitish drakes, they plopped down among  15 HOODED MERGANSERS in the lake center, a spectacular view to this observer.

Other ducks that reached the ten milestoner, 8 RINGNECKED DUCKS at Duck Island with a pair of WOOD DUCKS and drake AMERICAN WIGEON fulfilled the quacky morning. Shovelers numbering 15, some AMERICAN BLACK, 4 BUFFLEHEADs at West Island cove,  and plenty of RUDDY to add in.

Meanwhile , what I thought was a long gone Redpoll, I was surprised to see the previous long present bird still here. In the usual Well Drive picnic tables , behind the pines, there it was , the COMMON REDPOLL feasting on its favorite food , birch catkins.

A report came through of the park's season first PINE WARBLER in the Ravine, from Linda Ewing. Several spots had EASTERN PHOEBE, in Midwood west slope and Upper Pool locales. While I was working , I noted flyover 4 GREAT BLUE HERONS at the Nethermead, a sign that spring may be breaking out very soon.

KB Oversight: PIED BILLED GREBE also observed, near  West Island