Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fwd: spring birds

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Hi Peter-
The Saturday beginners birding walk had some nice spring birds.
The highpoint at the very start was a Pine Warbler reminding everyone there is yellow in the bird world and the green teal drake. These were seen at the bridge dividing the boat house lake and the lullwater. 
Sapsuckers & downy woodpecker were see in the wooded area moving into the Lullwater. On the lake common mergansers (pair), 8 ring neck ducks, continuing shovelers, coots and ruddies as well as the great blue heron. Phoebes are increasing in number as the waterways ice starts to retreat. Large numbers of grackles on the Penninsula and the Song sparrows and Robins present and large quantities.
Eni & Vinnie