Wednesday, March 18, 2015

yesterday,today ..different stories

Yesterday offered Hooded Mergansers and Song Sparrows as some main hilights; today it becomes RINGNECKED DUCK and DARK EYED JUNCO.That's how migration goes.

Sean Zimmer emailed me late morning of a flock of 5 RINGNECKED DUCK on Prospect Lake. On my late afternoon quick run to check the lake, I found a total of 8, 4 pairs, one half in the southwest sector,the other group send n the lake middle where ice still reigns. With that latter flock, 3 of the still remaining COMMON MERGANSERs hung 2with the Ringnecks while the other two stayed near the Peninsula shore. The pair of WOOD DUCKS were partially obscured sitting on a water snag on Three Sisters Islands. There were 8 duck species found including a lone hen AMERICAN WIGEON , and 9 NORTHERN SHOVELERS.8 is pretty decent for the lake.

The other notable observation today regards the Dark Eyed Junco. Their numbers increased , most evidently in the wooded west berm along the park drive near the Tennis House towards 3 rd Street. Working the dense leaf clutter,their presence was welcomed to see,snowbirds heading north.