Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday's good side

The first day of the week offered woodcocks,Redpoll,Tree Sparrow and the Mergansers.

Gus Keri had a good day, first with the 2 Woodcocks at Greenwood Cemetery's Warrior Path. Look for the camouflaged still birds under the trees along the path between Mulberry and Atlantic Ave inside the cemetery.Photos I saw on Facebook was reported by Sue Wicks as well.

Over at Prospect Park,Gus also saw his first COMMON REDPOLL at lamppost 249 / Well drive tables along with two AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS. 

In the large opening at the lake west shore, the four COMMON MERGANSER are along the ice edge,a few resting on it. Earlier,I reported the hen RED BREASTED MERGANSER that flew off towards the rink and disappeared,unfortunately.On a last note, after overwintering at the lake in good numbers,all but 8 NORTHERN SHOVELERS remain. Gone for the busy breeding season...