Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Small patches : McCarren Park

In migration it's not just the big parks that benefit,it's also small patches that see the migrating birds. One exemplary location is McCarren Park on Greenpoint.

A few reports came out with some quality birds; those were today's ACADIAN FLYCATCHER, yesterday's HOODED WARBLER and LINCOLN'S SPARROW. 

Today McCarren saw 45 species .Not bad for a 4 block sized park. Here's the checklist.

Obviously unless you live near the park, one wouldn't go there from afar. But the point is if you live near a small wooded patch, you might get something. Today it was a tree on Ryan M block in western Park Slope. What did he see ? Try 8 warbler species plus EVENING GROSBEAK and YELLOW THROATED VIREO. ( See his tweet in my previous post.)