Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Yesterday s Greenwood Cemetery solitary walk

Realizing the winds weren't the greatest ,due north, I settled upon just seeing anything that represents spring migration even if Warblers were absent.

I started at Central Ave overlooking Valley Water. Initially slow going, I walked along the Vale Path. And there I see my first nice bird , a Wood thrush. Quite bright Ruddy brown, the handsome thrush focused my gaze upon it before it flew away.

A little farther up Central Ave , on Greenbough Ave,I find my second cool bird , a sparrow favorite: White- Crowned sparrow. Feeding upon dandelion seed now in fluffy form waiting for the wind to detach the seeds, a Chipping Sparrow looked "tiny" next to the bulky White crowned. 

Then to a high spot near Meadow Ave netted my third quality bird. Sitting in front of several cedar juniper trees, I noted to my right a perched bird on one of the cedars. Even with its back to me,I immediately recognized the form of a Great Crested Flycatcher. It turned a little ,enabling me to see its frontal yellow. Good then, I got my three good birds.

But that wasn't a last gasp for me. I figured let me try the Dellwater before errands beckon. I ran into Rob Jett standing by the wood chips pile. Here I was able to see the Yellow, Ovenbird and Black throated Blue Warblers with the good one coming up. Another Wood Thrush was so close, digging into the leaf clutter. 

We proceeded down the path and with help found again the gorgeous male Hooded Warbler . It been working its way back and forth along this slope ,this time my spot a bright yellow and active watbler against the dark soil. I last saw it disappear behind the ancient Fraser Crypt.

Birding doesn't always mean I have to get everything or rack up big numbers; those days are over for me.It means for me personally enjoying the quality of species and good friends sharing alike,to be out within the realm of nature.