Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Wet Prospect summary

 From a glance at Prospects checklist it's surprising to see 92 species reported and 17 warbler species within the list today. The weather was heavily overcast and dreary this morning. I didn't think it'll be good birding ( especially with the horrible light above). But I guess the cold front and rain threat pushed some Birds down.

I went for a short spell this morning where I met Kathy T by chance. With her help I was able to see on Lookout hills summit MAGNOLIA,CHESTNUT SIDED WARBLERS and my spark bird SCARLET TANAGER. The warblers add to my seasonal total. When I was much younger and crazier for birds and especially warblers,I used to attain over 32 warbler species every year regardless where.These days I settled for at least twenty with far less energy.I missed out on the summit American Restart, Black throated Green and Northern Parula as it was hard to see the fast moving or hard to see birds. Linda E told me later she heard many Parulas but they were high up and out of sight.

Back to the checklist. The highlights indicated are Cape May,Worm eating,Hooded, Blackburnian and Nashville Warblers,still present Red throated Loon on the lake,Great crested Fly catcher, Eastern King bird, ruby throated Hummingbird,Purple Finch and Red breasted Nut hatch. A Lincoln Sparrow was found by Max E at the Well house area.

Thats the quick summary.Thursday is a better day for sun bathing..😎