Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Ball field superstars

On a good birding day,two " superstars " on the playing field caught the eyes of its audience. Mostly field 3 having the advantageous home field with field 2 for the road, a DICKCISSEL and CLAY COLORED SPARROW played well for the birders.

Thanks to Max Epstein finding both rare birds, birders had a great time observing both rarities.

 I was fortunate to see well the Dickcissel in the 3rd base dugout at 845 am before leaving for a Doctors appointment at noon. After hearing about the CLAY COLORED SPARROW refound by Paige,it was back to the playing field. After much struggle looking for it in the deep grasses of field 3 dugout area, Richard Payne got me on the handsome sparrow's whereabouts ,the sparrow perched in the red maple tree behind the backstop.According to Max,this is Prospects CCSP first appearance since 2017.

After departing a second time in late afternoon,I received a report from Marc that both birds Dickcissel and Clay were still at field 3 around 5 pm.

An AMERICAN PIPIT was found on field 3 late morning by Ryan G. This field is a "hot corner! 🔥(a nickname for third base)

As I mentioned before it was quite Birdy today. Personally I believed I saw 9 species warblers including a still breeding female TENNESSE WARBLER next to the Maryland monument. Ill look at the ebird prospect checkist and post.

On my day off,it was rewarding not for the numbers but rather the quality and a timely north wind. Especially for sparrows, seeing cute Savannahs with the Clay colored makes it all worthwhile.

A last note: keep your eyes tuned to butterfly meadow. This morning i saw Indigo bunting and winter wren. There was alot of stuff most of them hard to see in the thick cover. But as they say,that's fall boiding!

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-- Walt Whitman