Saturday, September 25, 2021

Saturday summary and Its mixed bag

A pretty decent birding day with a mixed bag of rarities reported in both prospect and Greenwood cemetery. On the last rungs of peak warbler migration, both venues reported 19 species warblers as well.

In prospect, talk about some cool birds. Two flyover Caspian Terns stole the top honor. Following that a Dickcissel was found by C.Winstanley ,also the observer of the terns. 2 Philadelphia Vireos seen in peninsula tree by the well house added quality those reported by P.Paul.

Other nice finds in prospect included: yellow billed cuckoo,field sparrow,raven,Merlin ,late eastern kingbird,blue gray gnatcatcher, brown creeper and decent numbers of Swanson thrushes.

I did see 11 wood ducks at west island.

The total PP diversity was 75 species.

I'm awaiting two report from PP walk groups for more stuff. I do know Duck Island was productive early morn per BBC'S dennis. 

Here's prospects list

Over in Greenwood, 66 species is the number. Quality birds there included Connecticut warbler, Merlin, Lincolns sparrow,winter wren ,indigo bunting and among the 19 warbler parade, a late prairie warbler and Connecticut.

The Connecticut warbler hung around southwest Sylvan water, seen in the and under a yew tree on the lower slope.

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