Thursday, September 30, 2021

Western long meadow bumper crop of good birds

On this fantastic birding day,long meadow western fringes produced a bumper crop of good birds. Three spots worth mentioning : ball field 2&3, the Sparrow bowl and west woods. 

The field diamonds 2 and 3 scored well with 2 DICKCISSELS and CLAY COLORED SPARROW. But its nice to see bright warblers like Pine, Blackpoll and Palm plus Savannah Sparrows in the mix. I can't recall hearing of two Dickcissels together in Prospect. 

To the north between the park mansions is the "Sparrowbowl". This depression area attracts good sparrows and birds. This morning Max E.  found an immature BLUE GROSBEAK despite multiple dogs there. Later a LINCOLNS SPARROW and some Swamp sparrows appeared. I was happy to see the Lincolns after work, thanks to Kathy Toomey's help. Its a beautiful sparrow that walked out through the fence in the midpoint area,the bird looking so subtle and silky smooth.

And last was a good one at West woods much to Kathy's delight. While watching the edge of those relatively new woods,despite noisy kids behind her at the new picnic tables, a CONNECTICUT WARBLER  walks out on the lawn in front of her! ( Wow!).

Ill post the PP and gwc checklists. There's too much to comment like Yellow bellied fly catcher at Maryland monument,etc. But see Toms BBC report below to get the gist of today's great birding day.

Personally, I truly relished seeing the bright softer yellow Pine warbler at field 2 ( in the fence) and the Lincolns sparrow. Both their plumages shone. The softer overtones of the Pine warbler was how I say surreal..a beautiful bird that's my favorite warb. ( and some people may scratch their heads but for me Orange crowned warblers get my high marks too..its not dull! 😍😂)


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