Thursday, September 30, 2021

Fwd: BBC Thursday walk (and movie shoot!)

Led by Tom Stephenson with  Ryan Goldberg and Angie Co leading split group.

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From: Tom Stephenson <>
Date: Thu, Sep 30, 2021, 5:16 PM
Subject: Thursday walk (and movie shoot!)
To: Peter Dorosh   

Hi Peter,
It was a beautiful day, once again, in the park. And there were lots of birds everywhere. In addition, we were shadowed by the movie crew doing the Steve Buscemi-produced documentary on the park. They seemed excited about the footage, so hopefully we'll help bring more attention to how important the park is for migrating birds.

As for the list, we had 72 species, which is pretty good for Fall. We had 17 species of warblers, 7 sparrow species, and lots more. Highlights were the Dickcissel (by the ball fields), many Magnolia Warblers, a cooperative Tennessee, a well-behaved Nashville for those hardy enough to last to the end; 3 Common Ravens, 2 Yellow-billed Cuckoos, 2 Brown Creepers, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Gray-cheeked Thrush, lots of Golden-crowned Kinglets, and more.

Here's the list. Thanks again to Ryan and Angie for co-leading.
Ryan, let us all know if I've missed anything.

Best regards,

Great Blue Heron
Canada Goose
Mute Swan
Wood Duck
Ruddy Duck
Sharp-shinned Hawk
Cooper's Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk
Spotted Sandpiper
Rock Dove
Mourning Dove
Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Chimney Swift
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Downy Woodpecker
Northern Flicker
Eastern Wood-Pewee
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher
Eastern Phoebe
Blue-headed Vireo
Red-eyed Vireo
Blue Jay
Common Raven
White-breasted Nuthatch
Brown Creeper
Carolina Wren
House Wren
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Gray-cheeked Thrush
Swainson's Thrush
Hermit Thrush
American Robin
Gray Catbird
Brown Thrasher
European Starling
Cedar Waxwing
Tennessee Warbler
Nashville Warbler
Northern Parula
Chestnut-sided Warbler
Magnolia Warbler
Black-throated Blue Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Black-throated Green Warbler
Blackburnian Warbler
Pine Warbler
Palm Warbler
Blackpoll Warbler
Black-and-white Warbler
American Redstart
Northern Waterthrush
Common Yellowthroat
Scarlet Tanager
Chipping Sparrow
Field Sparrow
Savannah Sparrow
Song Sparrow
Lincoln's Sparrow
Swamp Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
Northern Cardinal
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Common Grackle
Baltimore Oriole
American Goldfinch
House Sparrow