Friday, September 10, 2021

Day of the Phalarope

Eleanore Ray came up with a big bird for Prospect Park,the first seen since 2001. 

A RED NECKED PHALAROPE dominates birders mindset as they all converged on the south Lullwater. Swimming and pecking away at surface bugs, the rare bird was quite a tame creature ,so tame that a rental kayak with two kayakers glided so close yet the phalarope paid no mind. 

First seen around 11:15, it stuck around into late afternoon though on the move . An hour after its discovery it moves southeast towards the Peninsula point. As of 4:37 at the last tweet,it resided along the south shore of the Peninsula meadow ( by the giant Willow). 

A really terrific find and enjoyable bird to watch so close to birders on the Breeze Hill shoreline.

The rest of the park enjoyed a great day for birding. Philadelphia Vireo, Olive sided flycatcher and multiple warblers entertained birders in many spots. Lookout Hill Butterfly Meadow northwest was hit very early with warblers, along them a cooperative TENNESSEE WARBLER.

76 species in prospect. Check the link