Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Greenwood cemetery hot day

You could take your pick of any bird rarity;or try for all three and one place will be fine for the pursuit. For Greenwood cemetery,that's the place to be today: it had three rarities.

First we begin with LARK SPARROW. Found by Rob Jett, the bird thought it was a security guard as it hung around the 20th street entrance security booth. It lingered there long enough for other birders to see the Lark Sparrow.

The second good bird is DICKCISSEL also found by Rob Jett. And Sylvan Water was the spot ,two seen on the western slope for several birders reporting it afterwards.

The last bird worth pursuing is a fall prize, CONNECTICUT WARBLER. Perhaps the Dellwater bird on the move,Michelle Talich found it at Valley Water southwest corner by the bench and memorial garden. A later report placed the Connecticut at Bayside Ave, just east of Valley Water. Hey bird,aren't you supposed to go south? 🤗

Paul checklist with photos

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--Ezra Pound