Saturday, September 11, 2021

Excellent Day in Greenwood Cemetery

 A most productive day in Greenwood Cemetery in supplementing the high warbler diversity ,rarities put on appearances for birders. With no Townsend's warbler to report, it was a great day for birding under clear blue skies.

85 species were reported including 23 warbler species, a spectacular fall number for the cemetery.

Personally I spotted a fall best 13 species warblers,thanks to help of my spotters Rob Jett and Adelia Harrison. My best I think were Mourning, Bay-breasted, Wilson's and Blackpoll in that highlighted order. The Mourning spotted by Adelia appeared feeding in white wood asters at the Bluffside path on Sylvan Water north slope; Bay-breasted and Wilson's at Crescent water crabapple trees. 

A gorgeous adult Bald Eagle flew over in circles above Crescent for nice views

Regarding rarities and uncommon birds,here's the list: Connecticut Warbler at Vernal Ave by Union; Philadelphia Vireo in a Vista Ave crabapple; Yellow breasted Chat at Dellwater; Broadwing Hawk over Cypress and vine aves; Olive sided flycatcher at Ocean Hill; perched Common Nighthawks, ; Yellow throated Vireo at a Holly Path bald cypress tree; and cuckoo.

Orioles, tanagers ,red breasted nuthatches, great crested flycatcher,wood pewee were some other stuff making it an enjoyable adventure at the cemetery.

Check the list ( click on the date for the observer Checklist)