Thursday, September 16, 2021

Help the birds!

Habitat loss the primary impact for bird decline stems from not only destruction of forest,woods, etc but also introduce d exotic plant species that destroy insect food webs. Native plants evolved with insects over millennium their symbiotic relationships. It's twofold : loss of habitat and integrity.

An example in my local park, Asian originated Sycamore and Norway maples agressively take over displacing native seedlings and shade them out , which those native oaks,cherries die. Overcomperition is the factor.currently I'm in a project that this far removed over 4000 Norway maples spawn by 4 mature trees. You get the idea. Eventually I will plant shade tolerant oaks. Etc.

 From Facebook Pollinator s Friendly Yard


Cherry tree (Prunus ),oaks (Quercus)and Willow (Salix) trees host between 300-500 insect species

 ◾No exotic plant could ever achieve this. 

 ◾Want butterflies? Feed the caterpillars.

 ◾Exotic plants will never support as many different species of caterpillars as the Keystone Natives can.

◾Find your keystone native plants here by zip code.  If your zip code doesn't give you enough information try zip codes of the nearest larger town or city. LINK: