Monday, September 13, 2021

Greenwood on a roll!

Greenwood Cemetery continues on a really good roll with fantastic birds, all seen today.

There appears to be two Connecticut warblers. One was a continuing bird on Vernal Ave by Union Ave;there is a onion dome mauseleum at that location. A second Connecticut swung by at a weeping beech on Larch Ave by Beech ave.

 Near the Vernal ave Connecticut, a Clay- colored Sparrow surfaces.

Topping a warbler list, it's always good seeing a Yellow - breasted Chat. Bobbi Manian found this bird at the Glade path near central and sycamore Avenues.

Olive -sided Flycatcher continues in the cemetery. ( On a side note,also at Prospect Maryland Monument dead snag)

If you look up, you might've seen Black Vulture and Common Nighthawks( totaling 7) flyovers.

It's just too bad I have to work and miss these great boids. 😭