Saturday, September 5, 2015

Alone at Greenwood Cemetery

With still unfavorable winds affecting the region ,out of the east, only Greenwood Cemetery merited any news today.

A SOLITARY SANDPIPER is the highlight today, a single bird at the Dellwater mudflat.Will Pollard & Joshua Malbin tweeted the first reports. When I arrived later with Mary E at the top ridge of the Dell, the shorebird shot thru in front of me and off thru the woods. We later saw the bird back on the mudflat , our birding experience now with Greenwood' s birding ambassador Joe Borker. The Solitary wasn't alone for long,joined later by NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH and juvenile SPOTTED SANDPIPER.

In the woods surrounding the Dellwater and nearby Crescent water,other birds finally appeared. We enjoyed the sightings of YELLOW WARBLER,REDSTART, COMMON YELLOWTHROAT, EASTERN WOOD PEWEE,2 WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCH, VEERY & 2 SCARLET TANAGERS.The latter two birds fed on Black gum ( Tupelo) fruits that widely attracted robins.

No word yet from Prospect; hoping to get the bird list from Dennis' first Saturday Fall BBC walk.