Monday, September 7, 2015

warm quiet sunrise

It's been about 9 days since a significant northwest wind hit our region and bird numbers have been scarce since. There are spread out single species of course and at the present time what we birders have to accept.

My early pre sunrise walk was short and quiet--in by 630, out by 830 am. Some birding before the park got too crowded. Nothing to note on Lookout Hill except for the many goldfinches of Butterfly Meadow;just two AMERICAN REDSTARTS, YELLOW WARBLER and BLACK & WHITE WARBLER in the elm Grove. Then Joshua Malbin happened along and we spotted a different warbler,a baypoll bird , BLACKPOLL WARBLER  with its overall greener complexion and blurry chest streaking. At least my sunrise walk was worth the effort.

Oh wild northwest wind, where art thou on weekends??