Friday, September 11, 2015

Bad weather beats the good wind

Bad weather obviously beat the north wind last nite as today's numbers didn't commence.Who can blame the birds not wanting to come thru?

Lookout Hill's Butterfly meadow was the best offering as I spotted very briefly --under tight pre-work deadline--a great looking CANADA WARBLER in one of the Pin Oaks. A male AMERICAN REDSTART aslo appeared in the same tree. Linda Ewing on my lunch hour mentioned she had the NASHVILLE WARBLER in the elm grove , with CHESTNUT SIDED and MAGNOLIA WARBLERs joining in.

Other than two VEERYs I saw on my lunch hour in the Ravine and Tennis House area, that was it.

Always tomorrow to look forward to...


Report from Mike Yuan


Not too much activity this morning, but it could mean a bonanza for the weekend.  Alie Ratay and I had a Tennessee Warbler on the mid-slope path between the Wellhouse and the MD Monument, in the same area, same dull light, and same neck-straining height as the one we saw during this past May's bird-a-thon!