Friday, September 4, 2015

Prospect mystery bird... ( no luck)

A quiet morning as the northeast , more eastern wind occurred today during the day , however an interesting sighting at Butterfly Meadow.

During a brief scouting tour of the Butterfly meadow, along the southern edge of Butterfly Meadow,a hunchbacked olive green bird flew in front of me from the meadow  towards the southern slope  of dense brush. The perception immediately for me was an Oporornis warbler. This is the class that includes Mourning, Connecticut and Kentucky Warblers. I looked further but in that dense brushy mass, like we Brooklynites say : "Fuhgeetttabouiit ! "

Earlier Alie Ratay had a bird with an eye ring but it disappeared into the grass in the meadow ( about where I saw it fly out of generally later) ..before I happened along. early Connecticut ?

But as a consolation prize, a YELLOW BELLIED FLYCATCHER alighted on the meadow fence, with yellow flowers thru it.Matched! Plenty of bugs there.