Thursday, September 10, 2015

bright nashville

On this very wet but much  needed rain morning , my bright bird was the NASHVILLE WARBLER.While digging out the pervasive porcelain berry vine, I noted some activity on Lookout Hill' s summit meadow.

First it was the BLACK THROATED GREEN WARBLER in an oak tree. Following that male adult, a BLACKPOLL WARBLER alighted on a Cupflower stalk to nibble.But then my NASHVILLE WARBLER flew down to the middle of the weedy dense meadow.Its a beaut, an adult bird in full view ,cooperating nicely for me to watch.

Prior to that small bird activity on the summit,I thought the dead ash tree at Butterfly Meadow was the highlight. It was full of AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES with a lone BALTIMORE ORIOLE at the zenith of the tree.

A north wind tonight: will it or will it not be a good one tomorrow? Find out...