Thursday, September 17, 2015

Its Tennessee Valley in the Vale of Cashmere

Rafael Campos reported a terrific observation of 4 TENNESSEE WARBLERS feeding on the red Kusa Dogwood fruit in the Vale of Cashmere pool. When I heard about it from Rafael, I head staright there on my lunch hour. One I did find was a first year or or quick molted winter female feeding on the reddish pulpy fruit.The hyper bird was cgased a few times by some other birds, but kept coming back to the tree. It was probbaly one of two TEWA I observed before getting called to my office.

I know at least 11 species warblers were reported today on a warm day.

pic of bird I saw

alos seen,

2 INDIGO BUNTINGS on Butterfly Meadow, COOT on the Lake west shore