Saturday, September 19, 2015

warm,slow,& hazy

Heavy haze could be seen from Greenwood Cemetery's high ridge ,indicating a warm and slow day for birding. A few good reports though from my outdoor walk and separately Dennis Hrehowsik BBC walk were the best of it for the morning.

First thing g I saw as I entered past  the Greenwood Ave park entrance ,two COMMON NIGHTHAWKS feeding low in circles over West Island. Later on closer look, it was three nighthawks. Afterwards, along with Chris Laskowski we didn't see anything significant in the noisy park or dead quiet Greenwood cemetery.It was a short birding morning,though I'm not complaining after the taxing workweek for me following a tiring Cape May mini vacation.

Dennis reported early good birds.Two PHILADELPHIA VIREOs raised the bar, one seen at Terrace Bridge east end above the green containers; the other bird observed at Butterfly Meadow with uncommon YELLOW THROATED VIREO,two very good video sightings for a slow day. The usual walk list should be forthcoming.