Friday, September 18, 2015

Prospect warm briefs

An unseasonably warm day with report of a big slowdown. But some good birds are around if that is satisfactory.

Reports of TENNESSEE WARBLER is a constant with the species sticking to the Kusa Dogwood fruit in the middle of the pool at the Vale of Cashmere as reported by Isabel Conte; Isabel also reported albeit brief YELLOW BILLED CUCKOO in the same locale.

Most interesting though was an orange face sparrow spotted by a birder , seen in the east south area path of the Butterfly Meadow that was not found again when the bird flew into the meadow. Typically this may mean a rare ammodramus sparrow but without good looks , remains a mystery bird. I hope to get up there in the late afternoon if I have the energy.

Some sparrows are in , some molting may mean White-throated and Song.

On a different subject, a birding group contacted me today to report a poaching trap up at the Butterfly meadow. Its an old ugly insidious primitive practice that unfortunately resurfaced again. It was a live tree limb with glue on it and bait to attract birds for the illegal purpose of selling pet trade birds.Unfortunately ,a Chickadee was found dead on it. Its a violation of the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and should be reported to me , the Brooklyn Bird Club or the Prospect Park alliance , whichever. We obtained the glue limb that was cut from the tree and reported it to the Urban Park Rangers.We birders should be vigilant and be on watch for such poaching traps. My email address is known to most or email the Brooklyn Bird Club if you see glue traps. The evidence should be cut and preserve for my office.