Sunday, September 6, 2015

end of day gems

No reports were received all day thanks mostly with the wrong way winds out of the south and still warm weather. But a few reports at the end of the day made up for interesting observations.

Most welcoming to hear especially for the little sized pond we call Upper Pool fed by Falkill Falls was Joshua Malbin' s report of now three BLUE WINGED TEAL likely all hens. This is great to see such a good number for a rare species for Prospect. Also present  scattered WOOD DUCKS totaling nine.I was able to see all of them  alerted by Joshua's report.

Down by the Esdale bridge,a RUBY THROATED HUMMINGBIRD hummed among jewelweeds at the creek.

Then  a good report from Joshua at Arleen's Pines of Butterfly Meadow,a female bright TENNESSEE WARBLER. Earlier when I was up there a single CAROLINA WREN quickly moved among fallen cut timbers.