Friday, September 11, 2015

Nighthawk fantasy

What was pretty much an uneventful day climaxed in the late afternoon ,early evening of COMMON NIGHTHAWK fantasy.

After some scattered sightings of warblers,Donna Evans and I were treated by a spectacle of 13 COMMON NIGHTHAWKS over the Maryland Monument. From our observation post at Peninsula meadow,we follow their aerial trail. The nighthawks kept appearing over us  to and fro from the Lullwater to Lookout Hill,sun gleamng off their stigmata like  white wing patches. Finally at the Nethermead we recounted carefully the same 13 nighthawks

But with achy legs from a long hard workday, I headed home arriving 6 pm. I didn't go back out. But a post from Peter Paul on Facebook Brooklyn Urban Birders reported he and his wife' s higher count of 22 birds!

I knew it was gonna be a good one.

My day list.