Friday, May 13, 2016

a Friday 13th surprise at West Island

West Island in Prospect Lake's southwest corner is known more of a waterbird sanctuary than for songbirds. On this lucky Friday the 13th, with several other birds , a brief look of a YELLOW BREASTED CHAT hits the lucky charm.

The south side of the Lake doesn't get much attention during spring migration. So rather than rush to more birdy habitat Lookout Hill,I went right from my home entrance. Several birds passed through West Island tree canopy, namely WARBLING and BLUE HEADED VIREOS. I went around the cove to see from the " hammerhead" peninsula to view West Island at its East side. I somehow caught sight in the top of the Pin Oak a bright yellowish breast bird of midsize shape, then quickly I discerned a white line above the yellow going around the eye. Even at a distance,and briefly, I immediately recognize CHAT.

On the other side of the hammerhead , the East cove held two SANDPIPERS. First a SPOTTED held ground but then a SOLITARY SANDPIPER chased the Spotted on that small mudflat.Nearby OVENBIRD walked the shore edges.

Three Sisters Islands also attract birds. A pair of female YELLOW WARBLERS fed thru a willow.

During my short birding walk, Ed Crowne tweeted out 2 reports of YELLOW BILLED CUCKOO. One viisted the area behind the Music Pagoda by Binnen water; the second at Rick's Place.