Sunday, May 1, 2016

still darn cold ,perfect for a duck

This unusual cold wet weather suits a duck just perfectly.Migrating BLUE WINGED TEAL came in this morning, a Drake spotted at the Prospect Lake southwest section by Karen O'Hearn

Later on my search for the uncommon teal, having muted my phone last night at a concert and forgotten to turn on, the Blue winged Teal was reported at the Upper Pool .Mike Yuan tweeted out the observation noting the duck was hanging out with the three WOOD DUCKS.I headed up there from the Lullwater. It was a curious scene at Upper Pool, this teal tailing the woods. The Upper Pool is direct south of the Tennis House across the Long Meadow.

A slow day on this dreary day, but that suited well for the swallows.I spotted at least 40 birds swarming over Prospect Lake. A few TREE SWALLOWS and up to four NORTHERN ROUGH WINGED accompanied the dominant BARN SWALLOWS. Other Rough wingers were see flying in front of Music Island,perhaps additional ones. On  Three Sisters Islands, a pair of BLACK NIGHT HERONS and a lone DOUBLE CRESTED CORMORANT were an audience.

Warblers were totally absent on my walk except two species. YELLOW RUMPED numbered 8 and one NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH on the Peninsula.

A single SPOTTED SANDPIPER was flushed near the West island gazebo.

Hopefully warmer days ahead and birds do show up

By the way,I noted on birdtrax observers reported Summer Tanager in Greenwood Cemetery and a Cerulean warbler in Prospect. Open eyes pry and find them!