Friday, May 20, 2016

They all exited...

The good numbers all exited overnight, an urgent exodus of migrating birds. Today was slow according to observers even as they counted different species warblers . I noted the paucity of birds even as I worked today.

Just a few reports I heard from birders in the park. Rafael Campos , birding extraordinaire, recorded only 8 species warblers. Sandy Paci mentioned a hot pocket in the Peninsula, 11 warblers species, and very likely a overhead Cuckoo species.I also ran into Ryan Goldberg who posted the highest warbler numbers, early this morning on Lookout Hill's low southern slope, along the middle path, 14 species warblers. He found a pair of CAPE MAY WARBLERS at the low switchback trail head . Also seen was BAY BREASTED WARBLER. I found a cooperative CANADA WARBLER in the middle Ravine, a nice specimen.That's about it.

A western PALM WARBLER appears on Birdtrax, observed by Karen OHearn;the same be said of ACADIAN FLYCATCHER seen by Ryan.

For thrushes, two species you expect this late in the season. Both SWAINSONS and GRAY CHEEKED,the latter in the Ravine along the creek.