Sunday, May 15, 2016

Prospect the day after

The wind shifted ,a cool northerly one, creating a diminishing effect of birds. Numbers were lower than what I observed yesterday but with dense foliage in full bloom,its harder to see elusive birds. I did pick up a few here and there, after taking the right "tern".

First a good sparrow among my favorites for the genus; Along the shore adjacent to the West island cove rustic shelter,  a ground foraging LINCOLN SPARROW was seen well,using the shrub as cover. A few moments watching then off to the big hill.

Before I got to the hill, by Well Drive junction with Lake Drive, two sterna species flew over. It turns out as fast I got on them, looking at their under wingtips, the identification became FORSTERS TERNS. Both birds flew northwestward.

On the hill, my slow pace worked fine,being patient with myself. One nice location along the carriage road, the upward climbing road above Maryland Monument,  before the switchback trailhead,I found several warblers. Chief among them a very cooperative MAGNOLIA WARBLER worked a young Sugar Maple. Joining it briefly were BLACK THROATED GREEN, COMMON YELLOWTHROAT,NORTHERN PARULA, and BLACK WHITE WARBLERS. I'm submitting my list below.

An enjoying moment at the top of Lookout Hill as a Kestrel swung by. As I was looking into Butterfly Meadow, a fast moving AMERICAN KESTREL flew over then stopped to hover over that spot I had the warblers earlier. Guess I was not the only one looking.

Kathy Toomey joined me and we found a nice species  She spotted at the Maryland Monument top stairs a pair of bright blue INDIGO BUNTINGS in the big oak. In full sun, the bright beautiful blue simply illuminated. Who could ask anything better?

Mike Yuan reported good results by a Beech tree along the Falkill Falls path. The ascending path ,with full sun on the site yielded 10 plus species warblers , HOODED  female and WILSONS Warblers best to see. I had no time to check it out with family affairs today.

I hope to get the Birdathon teams results summary soon from the coordinator..

Good boiding,