Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Cuckoo fantasy

For the second day in a row, Linda Ewing pulled off the Cuckoo fantasy.

This morning above Lamppost 249 ( Well Drive picnic tables) , on the south slope, she spotted BLACK BILLED CUCKOO from the middle path ,a day after seeing the other species YELLOW BILLED CUCKOO at Ricks Place.Lighting struck twice ! And she has to thank the ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER for the BB cuckoo spot. The rare warbler continues to linger , hanging in its favorite tree a Hawthorne along the middle path near a cut timber pile , with the extensive views of the lake from Lookout Hill southwest.

Mike Yuan texted me that the day was slower than usual.Not surprisingly  three or four days after a wave or surge, the numbers would expectedly drop off as birds flee for their territorial breeding grounds. Mike did say he counted 15 species warblers, best a BLACKBURNIAN.

KB Note; The BB Cuckoo was seen closer to the wellhouse , on that middle path as Linda communicated to me later,