Monday, May 2, 2016

Lullwater wood warbler rarities

A cloudy dreary day was enlightened by the presence of two terrific warblers in the Lullwater. The first good one was a male CERULEAN WARBLER;  when more birders came to view the Cerulean, then a YELLOW THROATED WARBLER  figured it might as well jump in and show off .

Warbler aficionados Ed Crowne and Phil Pane with their terrific hearing heard the Cerulean in the south Lullwater. At where  the Breeze Hill bird feeders is sited, along the lower path , the CERULEAN  put in its rare appearance. When I arrived with birders already on location, the warbler was in a Cottonwood Tree after having frequented the Pin Oaks nearby. The Cottonwood marks the bottom trail head of the slope dirt trail that passes by the feeders on the way up. Its likely the best showing a treetop loving Cerulean for me in Prospect in a very long time as it came down low enough for its azure bluish color to sport abit.

But that wasn't all. Though I missed it by minutes, a YELLOW THROATED WARBLER  showed up too! It was observed in trees along the concrete /asphalt path that's parallel to the water at the same time as the Cerulean. This is the 3rd , maybe 4th appearance by this species in Prospect this spring !

The CERULEAN was reported as late as late morning 10:55. However at 12:49, Rob Bate reported a CERULEAN at Lookout Hill's summit--thanks to Gus Keri refinding it--at the top steps from the south path to the very top. Whether its one or two, its likely the same bird from the Lullwater.

While folks were going bonkers over the Cerulean and Yellow Throated, Two other very good warblers were overshadowed. Linda Evans reported a WORM EATING WARBLER at Boulder Bridge. Then a report from Tom Preston over at Greenwood Cemetery 2:26 mentioned  HOODED WARBLER at Dellwater. The HOODED still was active as of 3:22 at Dellwater, Karen posting details saying Makro found the bird this morning.

A good show by good warblers on this gloomy looking day....

Update on YT WARBLER.Nina Bai saw the bird about 240 near the Rustic Arbor south Lullwater