Saturday, May 7, 2016

Spotty bird day, but big terns trail along

As overcast cloudy skies continues its grip on the region, birding for this peak date continues to be spotty but decent today. Species are coming thru but not at the numbers we expect around this time. It took alot of work and patience by birders.However the rare occurrence continues at Prospect Lake for the fourth straight day.

Before getting into the woods songbirds,how about those CASPIAN TERNS! For four days now,they continue to visit the Lake,two birds this morning.When I heard about it,I rushed down from Lookout Hill summit to watch, a single bird patrolling the lake ,at one time chased by a Laughing Gull. Its fantastic to see the big tern action.

Meanwhile in the woods, warblers are sparse, single reports of quality birds were noted .On Lookout Hill summit, over the southeast steps, a large oak held the likes of WORMEATING & PRAIRIE WARBLERS. BLUEWINGED was nearby and a Midwood report as well. In the same locale, a HOODED WARBLER appeared in the North Midwood by the short steps. Other birders looked for the HOODED but didn't find the elusive bugger. ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER remarkably is still in the same path area above well drive lamppost 249at least a month by now there. A late LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH showed up at Ravine Esdale Bridge.

Of the non warblers, interesting other birds are showing up.They are: EASTERN KINGBIRD at Lake shore north and Vanderbilt playground oaks; GREAT CRESTED FLYCATCHER at West Midwood bridle trail; ORCHARD ORIOLES at Lullwater south and Lower Pool back slope.SCARLET TANAGER males popped up at the Orange Crowned warbler spot and Lookout Hill summit. Swallows are still active at Prospect Lake, including two BANK & two NORTHERN ROUGH WINGED at Upper Pool with 6 WOOD DUCKS.

Last, ROSE BREASTED GROSBEAKS made their presence heard and seen mostly in Oak tops but also a few elms.I saw at least seven ROSE breasteds ; the best sighting was a pair bathing in the Ravine creek, & perching at eye level in understory , both male and female putting in some great action .

And finally ,some shorebirds came in. 4 LEAST SANDPIPERS were reported by Joshua Malbin ,seen on the Lake south shore by Three Sisters Islands.we usually get this species less 3x yearly.