Thursday, May 19, 2016

the rest of those good birds..

In the euphoria of Kentucky warbler watching, other good birds were woefully neglected to mention.But that's the spellbinding effect the rare warbler has in overshadowing those good quality birds.

First for starters, let's start with HOODED WARBLER. There were actually two  Hooders in Prospect! First a female was reported by Phil Pane, seen at the back gate of garage woods. In the glacial pothole to the left of the exit, the female  was overshadowed by the first Kentucky warbler at West Woods. I went to look for it,still my spring nemesis warbler. Then in late afternoon, the male HOODED WARBLER reappeared in the Ravine,along the creek. Most times I would after work  go through the Ravine;I neglected that chance and missed out.

Speaking of the Ravine, The Hooded warbler founder Kathy Toomey and friends found a SUMMER TANAGER in the same spot,close by at Ambergill.WORM EATING WARBLER again showed up, a hangover from yesterday, again Kathy and friends the lucky birders.

Then there was ACADIAN FLYCATCHER around 1 pm. A singing bird, it was spotted by Dennis H near the Lookout Hill mulch trail, presumably the switchback trail.

By the way, Richard Payne reported yesterday YELLOW BELLIED FLYCATCHER. This boreal species qualifies as rare, a gorgeous little empidonax among my favorites.. The middle to end of May is best peak for flycatchers.

And today I had two GRAY CHEEKED THRUSHES. I am going to call them Gray cheekeds till miraculously my hearing improves...

On birdtrax over there to the left,Isaac Grant reported PHILADELPHIA VIREO.

But so much for Kentucky Warblers having all the glory... 😄