Monday, May 9, 2016

Ambergill Bird Pool

The Ambergill flows under the Esdale Bridge and about 50 feet farther south, where birds come down to bathe is the Ambergill bird pool. A Gray Dogwood Bush serves as cover and perch for these birds bathing around it.I dug out more of the silt a year ago to create slower moving water running thru stones.

This afternoon after work, I stopped by here. For about 20 minutes stay I was rewarded with 7 species warblers.Earlier in the afternoon two Nashville Warblers dropped in for fantastic views. Now at about 4 PM, I observed YELLOW,BLACK AND WHITE,NORTHERN PARULA,BLACK THROATED GREEN,BLACK THROATED BLUE,YELLOW RUMPEDS,& male AMERICAN REDSTART constantly fanning its tail.. But of course I was secretly hoping for that drat Hooded or again Golden winged..Other birds come to the Pool as well, creating more enjoyment for the observer at the bridge.

If the day is late or warm, visit the Ambergill Bird pool. You are sure with patience find water a lifesaver  for warblers or even you be in trance like awe of warblers before your eyes.