Friday, May 6, 2016

Caspian streak

I returned home from a few days in Sandy Hook National Seashore to hear of a Caspian Tern still visiting Prospect Lake. After an hour I arrived home, I figured I try my luck. And above swallow frenzy, a single CASPIAN TERN did ventured in and out this late afternoon.

An amazing streak by the Caspian Tern, visiting the third consecutive day today.Rob Bate reported seeing the big tern over Prospect Lake just after noontime. In the past,usually its a single sighting , a flyby in a single day.But three straight days of this species is quite remarkable. Perhaps a single bird is roosting on the coast and coming in to fish the Fresh waters. Or is it multiple species ? We can only speculate. Based on the favorable reports, I got lucky,seeing a Caspian come in ,look around then fly over Duck Island before veering southward. I hope it continues as dreary weather plagues us still all week.

While the tern comes in,the swallows are busy. Over 97% BARN SWALLOWS do their aerial display on the lake, dizzying me following them, with two BANK and a lone TREE. Nothing else special appeared. After a wind bombarded few days on the Jersey coast, it was enough birding today.

Rob Bate also reported SOLITARY SANDPIPER along the Lake south shore by Three Sisters Islands.